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William Buhlman – Adventures in the Afterlife (REPLAY) PLUS BONUS!

Alexis chats with OBE expert William Buhlman about his new book and how understanding the Afterlife can bring peace and joy to many who question the phenomenon.

In 2011 author and speaker William Buhlman received unexpected news that would set him on a course to further investigate the subtle but multiple realms of the afterlife.

Having amassed over 40 years in out of body research, William felt there was more to know and more to experience personally while in the OBE state.  His findings have now culminated in a most fascinating new book called Adventures in the Afterlife.

In this special Conscious Inquiry “replay” (originally broadcast in August of 2013) we speak to William about his own journey and that of the fictional character he created for his book, both of which takes the reader on an adventure that’s sure to ignite the curiosity of those interested in knowing what lies beyond what we call physical death.


After you listen to this interview make sure you tune in to the debut segment of Conscious Musings with Alexis and Friends 


William and Alexis spend time “musing over” the transformational benefits of self-initiated out of body experiences (OBE’s).  This is the first in a series of discussions based on Alexis’ new book Conscious Musings – Contemplations to Transform Life and Realize Potential and centered around the chapter: Exploring Non-Physical Realms in the Out of Body State.  Among the areas covered in this 40 minute discussion are:

-Spontaneous out of body experiences – how and why they happen

-Healing from physical disease with self initiated OBE’s

-Healing from grief over the loss of a loved one using OBE’s

-OBE’s and “Bi-location” (Is there a connection?)

…much more!

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