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Off Planet Education – “I’m Being Taught by Aliens!”

Do aliens have a hand in what it is we know? Some say “yes” and they’re being taught off planet!

Are some individuals gaining knowledge, talents, and abilities off world or in other dimensions?

Research of and personal testimony by those who claim to be ET contactees seem to be pointing to a resounding yes!

Hear about four cases in which young children explain how they have been taught by alien beings in an off-planet environment and how they describe their fellow “classmates” as not only human, but human hybrid and extraterrestrial.

From two young boys who although didn’t know each other in the physical world, but recognized each other from “night school,” to a young girl named Alice who explained to UFO researcher Mary Rodwell how aliens taught her “paranormal skills.”

Are these mere fantasies from children with an over active imagination, or something more? And if this is a phenomenon that’s been documented as happening far more than you might think, are many more of us also being taught “off planet” and don’t realize it?

Let’s explore in this episode of Conscious Commentary!

Relevant links from this episode:

Book – Meet the Hybrids by Miguel Mendonca and Barbara Lamb

Book – The New Human – Awakening to Our Cosmic Heritage by Mary Rodwell

Article – Sydney Morning Herald featuring the story of ET Contactee “Lea” – April 2016

Interview – PMH Atwater – Children of the Fifth World – September 2013

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