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Andy Myers – Synchronicity and the Psychic


flyingpaintrollers_coverPsychic medium and author of the new book, Flying Paint Rollers from Heaven, Andy Myers discusses the significance of the higher self and how he called on this aspect of himself to write his best-selling book.  What are spirit guides and do we all have them?  Do our loved ones see and interact with us from “heaven?” Can we learn to hone our own psychic ability through our intuitive pets and through other channels?  All of these questions are addressed as Andy gives us a broad but important look at what it means to be psychic and intuitive and that we all have some level of psychic ability that can be developed if we so choose.  In this inspiring discussion we also address the idea of synchronicity, intuition, pre-cognition and how each of these aspects of reality are present and around us at all times.

More about our guest

Andy Myers is a full-time psychic medium, best-selling author, and inspirational speaker based out of Omaha, Nebraska. He is featured on radio stations nationwide, including Omaha’s Q98.5 FM. He gives several personal readings each week, and conducts large group readings at venues across the country. Due to the quality of his work, Andy is one of the most in-demand psychic mediums in the nation. His clients wait nearly an entire year for a personal reading with him, and they say the experience is truly life-changing. Andy is known for his compassion, sincerity, sense of humor, and his remarkably accurate readings. He is breaking the psychic stereotype with his genuine and down-to-earth approach to intuition. Andy holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from UNO.

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