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Ascension, Evolution and Imagination

With all this talk about ascension, do we really know what it’s going to take?

In a recent show hosted by Alfred Lambremont Webre, where I was his guest, I was asked about the idea of ascension. Is it happening? And if so, what are the elements that might suggest such a process is underway? Moreover, what can people do to ascend?

There are many individual accounts of those having what are called “spiritual awakenings,” including myself back in 2005 and it was on Alfred’s show that I finally decided to come “out of the closet” to describe a very intimate and profound encounter that happened to me.

Could these preternatural spiritual “aha moments” be the key to an ascension process being triggered? Or is there another way of propelling one’s own enlightenment?

Author and alternative researcher Jon Rappoport has a very interesting and by some accounts, unique perspective on the idea of ascension, or evolution as some might call it. And it’s about imagination. Here’s what he had to say…

The great platform for the human race is imagination. And I believe that when we understand all this better, we will see with our own eyes and minds that what has been called through the ages, enlightenment, salvation, ascension, cosmic consciousness, self-realization, bliss, unconditional love, universal compassion are all attempts to describe what happens when the imagination becomes prime and goes far beyond the present barriers we assume are its boundaries.

Ascension and ImaginationJon and I spoke at some length about this idea when I interviewed him on my own show, speaking within the context of how the “present barriers” are placed there by what we both agreed were the “goo-makers” – bad artists as he put it, who have created a limited picture of our present reality, with the expectation that we mustn’t go out of its boundaries.

Like many words that are used to describe a given thing, or worse yet connote the meaning or efficacy of an idea or process, imagination is one of those words that conjures a very child-like and therefore frivolous and unimportant activity.

I like Jon, beg to differ. Instead, imagination to me is perhaps the key to unlocking a door to endless creativity, boundless opportunity, ultimate “ascension,” thereby erasing any illusive barriers that so-many have abided by for so long.

Maybe this important time for which we all find ourselves is a prime opportunity to finally explore that powerful aspect of the human species called i-magi-nation!

In this episode of Conscious Commentary, I discuss just that, and how some people seem to just have a pre-disposition for self creation and an understanding of the innate power of imagination.

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