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Barry Fitzgerald – UFO Investigation It’s NOT What You Think!

UFO Investigation takes a whole lot more than “fancy gadgets” says one top investigator in the field

Barry Fitzgerald, veteran UFO investigator and one of the cast members of Ghost Hunters International is often asked, “What is your favorite gadget when doing UFO investigation?” His answer?


Fitzgerald, who has been an avid investigator of all things supernatural for nearly three decades maintains that what most people fail to realize is that the investigator has much more to do with the analysis and outcome than you might think.

Though the field of UFO investigation has sophisticated its process of identifying the formerly “unidentified” with the latest technologies: software, tracking systems and other gadgets to assess accuracy, Fitzgerald says that using our own internal “technology” is what will determine the accuracy of what’s being observed.

He says that we are innately wired to understand what’s “real” vs. not, what’s malevolent or benevolent or even neutral in its intent. And he is adamant that in order to be an effective UFO investigator one must learn to proactively use the tools that all humans have been given.

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