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Barry Littleton – On the Reality of Black Extraterrestrials and ET Contact

At a time when many are still asking if extraterrestrial life is a reality at all, some individuals have graduated past that fundamental question and are now exploring the idea that alien races span the spectrum of our galaxy and beyond!

Barry Littleton, an ET contact experiencer and researcher is one such individual.

As an African American “experiencer,” Barry has been exploring the idea that “black extraterrestrials” exist and what he has found is quite intriguing.

Moreover, are these (as he refers to them) “melanin dominant” ET’s interacting directly with us here on earth?

Barry had much to say on the matter!

Barry Littleton in his own words…

I was born somewhat awake with fragmented past life memories, and began having paranormal experiences at a very young age. These experiences included telepathic awareness, sometimes seeing or feeling Ghosts, and various Inorganic Beings. Some of these encounters, and the entities themselves had a distinct extraterrestrial origin. These unusual encounters led me to do a lifetime of research, and exploration into both the metaphysical, and paranormal fields.

I have an education majoring in Psychology, Sociology, & Ethnic Studies, from Wichita State University.  For the last 22 years I’ve worked with At Risk Youth, & Juvenile Offenders, through utilizing the cognitive behavioral approach.

In 2010 I had a near terminal car accident resulting in sustaining 4 Catastrophic Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI), along with a very definite Near Death Experience (NDE). This event was life changing; it was predicted that my condition would remain in a near vegetable state. It was cognitively surviving this catastrophic event that spurred me to come forward about contact, and paranormal experiences.

My hope was to help unite Extraterrestrial Contactees with similar encounters, interests, and to cross the racial color barrier that seems to exist within the field. Since coming forward I have had the pleasure of meeting awakened people from across the globe, which has been an amazing experience!

I can be reached at barrylittleton13@gmail.com

Check out Barry’s YouTube Channel for plenty of great videos on his experiencer journey!

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