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Autism – Breaking the Barriers through “The Portal!”

How “Autism” Can be Understood through the Expressive Arts!

What might be running through your mind when you hear someone who’s described as being “autistic,” or having “special needs” or “disabilities?” Would you immediately think of their limitations or their potential?

One organization whose mission is built solely around the latter is called Brio Integrated Theatre – a non-profit that supports individuals with all abilities through the expressive arts.

Brio has shown through its work that in actuality no matter how some individuals are labeled, the power of creative imagination has NO limits!

I recently spoke with Brio’s founder and executive director Sahar Ahmed to discuss their ground-breaking work with individuals described as having autism, or “dis-abilities” and a film project that’s called “The Portal.”

Once you hear about this film and its premise – I guarantee, you will never look at people described as disabled, the same way again!

briologo_letterheadBrio Integrated Theatre is a registered nonprofit, founded by its executive director Sahar Ahmed. Brio’s mission is to create and perform integrated theatre through the collaboration of artists with and without disabilities. We believe that all individuals have the ability to create and that there are diverse perspectives and ways to express creativity.

Brio teaches awareness of disabilities and the infinite potential that is imaginable through integrative workshops, productions, educational programs and community outreach. We are committed to inspiring others through promoting and supporting integrated theatre on a local, national and international level.

Visit Brio’s website HERE.

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