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Conscious Commentary – The New Human

mary_rodwell-150x150Right on the heels of our brand new interview with ET Contact Researcher Mary Rodwell, Alexis shares some of her own insights about “The New Human” – the main topic of discussion with Mary.

Included in this brief conscious commentary Alexis shares a personal story of meeting one of these “new humans” (a small child) and her story of contact with ET intelligence. Additionally we touch on why it is so important to discuss these experiences with a sense of importance, rather than just novelty, or worse, complete dismissal.

The New Human, which is the title of Mary Rodwell’s forthcoming book will give a broad range of personal accounts of individuals, many of them children who describe what it is like trying to cope on a planet that has yet to evolve. What their purpose is on this planet at this time. How their telepathic abilities are being used and why they so often suffer from sensory overload. Additionally, many of these individuals speak candidly about their non-human origins including how they arrived on this planet. One young child said “I arrived through a portal in the sun.” They speak of the various types of “ET’s” including the mantids and how these beings seem more like “family” than their earth family members.

Mary has taken accounts from well over 3,000 individuals who’s stories seem to corroborate each other.

So what is really going on here?

Alexis weighs in.

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If you haven’t already, make sure you tune in to the complete episode with Mary Rodwell HERE.



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  2. Cj
    July 24, 2016 @ 8:01 pm

    The genetic mutations MTHFR started with generation past and now are exponentially in this new generation. Look it up. Associated with aspergers autism adhd. Also altered consciousness which they will say is bi polar schizophrenia.. Diet nutrition plays a huge factor as does avoiding synthetic foods and supplements and processed foods. Yes we have been genetically modified. You can recognize your own kind.


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