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Creativity as Your First Line of Defense Against Evil

In this candid interview with Jay Weidner and Paul Levy, they unpack the metaphysics of mental illness.

In this follow up Conscious Commentary episode, we examine two important considerations when looking at the pervasiveness of evil and how what has been termed the “Archonic influence” may be playing an integral role in the insanity (including mental illness) on our planet.

But what role does our own creativity play in banishing the demons that some believe control our world?

Here’s an interesting point discussed in our show with Weidner and Levy…

“People infected with this archonic energy are very jealous of creative people,” Jay Weidner comments.

It appears that inherent within the pathology of the archons is a lack of creativity. They are experts at imitation and duplication but cannot muster creativity and so they despise individuals who are intensely creative. Further, on some level, one must ask, might the very act of creation be enough to send the evil influence on its merry way?

We also connect the possible connections when looking at Archons, Archetypes, and Archangels.

Is there a common element?

Relevant link from this episode:

Interview – “Wetiko” and the Collective Psychosis of Humanity feat. Paul Levy

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