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Darryl Anka Channels Bashar – “2020 is Going to be Nuts!” – A Foretelling of the Future?

Bashar nailed it back in 2019! But what advice does he have that we can use now?

After nearly 40 years of channeling Bashar, Darryl Anka talks for the first time about the message that Bashar brought through in December of 2019 that presaged what we are ALL going through right now.

“Remain in the eye of the storm,” he advised. But what storm? We didn’t know at the time, but now, as our timeline has unfolded, Bashar’s wisdom is omnipresent and we need to heed his message.

In this exclusive interview with Higher Journeys, Darryl explains the philosophy behind the message and the steps ahead that we need to be taking as we now find ourselves at the precipice…the crossroad.

We are HERE! GOOD NEWS…if you remain IN the eye of the storm, where it’s calm, you WILL be in just the right place at this time. But how do we get there? Darryl (and Bashar) explain!

THIS IS AN EXCLUSIVE and special edition of Higher Journeys.

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About Darryl Anka

For nearly 40 years, individuals from all over the globe have made the journey to experience renown channel Darryl Anka as he brings through the remarkable multidimensional being from the future known as Bashar.

Along with Edgar Cayce, Seth, and Abraham-Hicks, the Bashar material has been heralded as some of the most relevant, compelling and dynamic information delivered to the planet to date.

In addition to channeling Bashar, Darryl expresses his creative talents in the forms of writing, directing and producing films through his own production company, Zia Films.

Darryl’s recent documentary, which he wrote, produced and directed, entitled First Contact explores his life as a channel and the messages Bashar shares through him.

“First Contact” is now complete and ready to be released this Summer. To learn more about “First Contact” click here.

Read more about Darryl Anka and Bashar.


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