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Conscious Commentary – Healing and the Paranormal

Can Energy Healing Take on a Paranormal Twist?

The founder of The Reconnection reveals the beginnings of his energy healing method and how it rocked his world!

I first met Dr. Eric Pearl, founder of The Reconnection in 2014 at the Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles while attending a mutual friend’s workshop. One year later, I had the opportunity to interview Dr. Pearl and discover the secret to his ground-breaking energy healing method which he initially shunned giving a label, but what is now popularly termed as “The Reconnection.”

Eric exudes a unique character – one that is befitting to the ability, not only to heal, but to show others how to heal. He’s done it for hundreds of thousands around the world.

But where did this journey to energy healing all start?

According to Eric, the beginnings may have begun in his mother’s womb and a near-death experience that would set her son on a course to healing in a way like no other.

Many agree that energy healing is a real process, but what faculty allows for this to be so?

Listen in to my brief thoughts on how this all occurs, as well as his thoughts as to healing is possible from an energetic level, and perhaps most importantly from the perspective of this particular commentary, what may have started this entire journey – one that could be deemed as extraordinary, supernatural and paranormal!

We begin on this energy healing journey by discussing his own mother’s near-death experience and how the revealing of this personal experience may have prompted the beginnings of this reconnective path.

Some of the questions we explore in this short conscious commentary are:

How are we all connected to this life force of healing?

How do we harness energy healing for our own benefit?

Why is it that we pour so much energy into trying rather than allowing?

Are we tapping the “macro” of Universal energy or simply mirroring its gifts?

Tune in to our full interview with Dr. Eric Pearl here. or get a preview of our interview on YouTube!

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