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Extraordinary – The Seeding New Documentary on Alien Abduction, Hybridization, Missing Pregnancies and More!

Alien abduction. Is it real and if so, what’s happening?

To say we’re living in extraordinary times, I think we can all agree would be an understatement.

Many people on this planet are navigating extreme challenges, stresses, and uncertainty about the future.

But there are other individuals, possibly many more than we know that are living with a secret so large – so unfathomable and to many, unbelievable in its implications.

We’re talking about direct contact with non-human intelligence – yes, alien abduction.

We’re talking about extreme abduction cases that include missing time, and even missing pregnancies and the creation of hybrid children.

Sure, this sounds clearly like a work of science fiction. But if you ask some of these individuals who ARE the experiencers of alien abduction, some of which are featured in an upcoming documentary film entitled Extraordinary – The Seeding, they will tell you that not only are these encounters real, they are life altering.

Many experiencers are both tormented by – and resigned to the fact that this connection with non human intelligence has, is and perhaps always will be a central part of their life – like it or not.

In this episode of Higher Journeys we will discuss some of these individuals and hear their stories, as they were shared in a film co-produced by Jack Roth and John Sumple of J3 Films.

Extraordinary – The Seeding gives a no holds barred look into the lives of these EXTRAORDINARY individuals and their  encounters with alien life.

Visit the website of J3 Films HERE

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