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HeartMath Senior Executive Tells of Harrowing Experience During California Wildfires

Howard Martin of HeartMath says his entire life has been transformed like never before!

HeartMath has been on the leading edge of understanding the otherwise unknown potentials of the heart, heart intelligence, coherence and intuitive capacity for nearly three decades.

Howard Martin, who along with its founder Doc Childre both of whom co-authored the landmark best-seller The HeartMath Solution has been the voice of HeartMath and integral in leading its mission since 1991.

Martin, who has been a powerful and knowledgeable speaker on stages throughout the Globe was sure he had his mission in check, that is until his life was nearly turned upside down during the California wildfires earlier in 2020.

What began as an intention during this episode to discuss the ways to navigate uncertain times (during the pandemic) using heart intelligence was well planned, that is, until this conversation took an unexpected turn.

Inner Balance Bluetooth from HeartMathIn this POWERFUL and intimate conversation, Howard shares his own journey, and that of the HeartMath team through unimaginable challenge and uncertainty amid the wildfires, and how through using some of the techniques he’s been preaching about for nearly thirty years would prove more valuable for his own life than he could have ever imagined.

This is where the rubber meets the road and why HeartMath and Howard Martin will continue to carry on their stellar work with an even greater sense of mission and purpose!

There is not one person who won’t be touched by what you are about to hear!

This show is a MUST-WATCH for anyone familiar with HeartMath and those who are just learning about their great work in understanding the brilliance and intelligence of the heart and how, no matter the odds, you will come out with a greater version of YOU!

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