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How to Find the Oracle in Your Own Backyard

Why nature may be one of the most powerful tools for divination

The Oracle is all around us and speaks in many different ways.  Each of these speaks uniquely to you.

In this episode of Conscious Commentary in the Garden we explore how nature is one of the most powerful divination tools and how by noticing patterns in nature and working directly with “Her,” we can discover ways to enrich our own lives.

Recently, I found a stunning pattern with what is known as a “sun shower.” Though somewhat rare, I’ve been seeing more of them recently. But why? Is there a significance to the recent sun shower pattern that goes well beyond a “meteorological phenomenon?” And how is this connected to all that’s happening in our world, and in our individual lives right now?

Most importantly, how can we discover how to recognize the hidden messages within this and other natural phenomena? Lots of questions and big ones at that, but if we don’t ask we won’t discover.

What I discovered in asking these big questions beckoned me down the proverbial rabbit hole of self discovery!

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