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Conscious Commentary – Living the Dream?

Are you striving to fulfill a template dream without realizing it?

Let’s talk about living the dream…

Many a well intentioned motivational speaker will tell you in some form or fashion to “Think big. Never give up on pursuing your dreams.”

And you, being the self-motivated go-getter that you are says, “Yes, I can do it. If he/she can do it, I sure can!”

But therein may lie the problem – If they can do it, so can you.

In a society that places undue pressure on the masses to look like this, be like this, act like this vs. creating your own unique sweet spot, more and more people are acquiring real estate in a collective dream rather than creating a vision hand-crafted by the individual.

I recently did a quick inquiry into the connection between socio-economic factors and suicidal tendencies to see if any data showed a significant connection between the two. Not surprised, it didn’t take long at all to get a composite of the state of affairs. No doubt there is more than just a cursory connection.

In a 2012 Huffington Post article, it stated that based on “…a new study from the San Francisco Federal Reserve…people who earn less money than their neighbors are more likely to commit suicide than their counterparts earning the same income in a less wealthy neighborhood.” This is a serious issue!

Translation: keeping up with the Joneses is the measuring stick by which far too many people in modern society equate to living the dream.

In this episode of Conscious Commentary, I muse about this still pervasive and disturbing phenomenon. Proof pudding that many are acquiescing to a system that dictates what the dream should look like and the consequences of not buying in.

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