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Looking for UFO Disclosure in All the Wrong Places

“UFO Disclosure from the top-down always comes with an agenda. The most trustworthy Disclosure as far as I am concerned is bottom-up Disclosure.” – Miguel Mendonca, author of the book We Are the Disclosure

The date, December 16, 2017. The day Saturday. The event – Disclosure. Official Disclosure. Mainstream Disclosure.

Or was it?

There was no doubt a big buzz afoot within the UFOlogy community when the New York Times released a bombshell – Glowing Auras and ‘Black Money’: The Pentagon’s Mysterious U.F.O. Program.

Admittedly, my immediate reaction when the “breaking news” pushed through on my smartphone while out with my husband after having just picked up our Christmas tree was, “Wow, look at this!” However, after perusing the article and taking a minute or two to bring myself back to center, it wouldn’t be long before I had a silent retort. “Okay, what’s really going on here?” is what soon followed as I began to pull apart some pieces to this lengthy report that had (and still has) many UFO enthusiasts celebrating and/or pontificating about the government finally coming clean about their investigations into the reality of UFOs.

Now several weeks in and with some down time to reflect on the story, its implications, and a return to my thoughts on what true disclosure is really all about, though I don’t know what the actual significance of this news and moreover, why this story is being let out of Pandora’s box right now, there’s one thing I do feel to be true: actual UFO disclosure is already underway. It’s been underway for years actually. And in my  humble opinion, it has not and will not come from authoritative sources…ever!  The experiencers, the contactees – those who have had in some cases life-long contact with non-human intelligence is where the revelation lives.

It lives in the stories of individuals, both young and old, from all walks of life, from all religions, races, cultures, geographical locales, and from all points in human history. This is where disclosure lives!

Having communicated with dozens and dozens of what I would characterize as credible, intelligent and otherwise “normal” individuals from virtually all points on our societal matrix, I can tell you from where I sit that the reality of ET or non-human intelligence is, and has always been a part (and a big part) of our reality, as cloaked in secrecy as it may seem to be. And yet, despite more and more of these individuals being willing to come forward and share their story with the public at-large, they are still ridiculed and ostracized and told to go seek psychiatric help…some of them, at least. This is called the denial of the acceptance of Disclosure (aka: cognitive dissonance).

In a recent discussion about the release of the Pentagon’s UFO program, researcher and President of The New Energy Movement, Susan Manewich weighed in on the implications and ramifications based on the story…

“Once again, we’re looking at UFO’s and Extraterrestrials as a threat, as opposed to seeing the greater implications of what’s happening and going on which as we know, that type of information has been suppressed for a very, very long time,” Manewich said, speaking about the aforementioned individuals and their firsthand experiences with non-human intelligence.

Interestingly, as lengthy as the NY Times article is, nearly 2,000 words – which we don’t see often in print media these days, not once was the word “extraterrestrial”, “ET” or any other semblance of an intelligence that may be non-human mentioned. Not one! But of course, that was by design.

And yet, in my discussions with individuals, some who count themselves as experiencers or contactees and many others who have an intrinsic interest in the subject matter are less interested in craft in the sky and more about who or what is operating them!

Listen to some of the individuals I’ve interviewed and they’ll tell you. Read some of the incredible accounts of both contactees and researchers in books like We Are the Disclosure Vol.s 1 and 2 and they will tell you. Maybe you too are an experiencer of the ET kind and are yet to be consciously aware of your own sojourns beyond this realm.

To sum up, I think We Are the Disclosure author Miguel Mendonca put it best – “Disclosure from the top-down always comes with an agenda, and in government/military circles the true agenda is never revealed – although it is ultimately about engendering fear/dependency and entrenching the power and position of the authorities concerned. The most trustworthy Disclosure as far as I am concerned is bottom-up Disclosure. True Disclosure is someone sharing their experience with another, whether privately or publicly.

We are, have been, and will continue to be

The Disclosure.


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