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P.M.H. Atwater – Children and Near Death Experience: Why You Need to Pay Attention!

Near Death Experience expert PMH Atwater SCREAMS “You MUST pay attention to the kids!” Here’s Why…

They’re smart, shy, irreverent, impossibly brilliant! They’re what some call “special,” – we’ll avoid other labels (e.g. crystal, star or indigo children) for purposes of this article.

These children are experiencers of near death episodes – also known as the near-death experience or NDE.

According to near-death researcher and three time ND experiencer PMH Atwater, these kids are misunderstood (an understatement) and longing to go “home.” But where is home? And why do they feel so at odds with life on planet earth or channel “normal?”

Based on Atwater’s latest “deep dive” into the near-death phenomenon, The Forever Angels – Near Death Experiences in Childhood and Their Lifelong Impact, she’s cracked open a large Pandora’s box when it comes to understanding the nuances of childhood near death experiences. But this isn’t just about the episode of “dying” and what this was like. This is about the lasting effects on these “kids,” now adults and how their world is and will continue to be forever altered for themselves and those who surround them.

PMH-Atwater-2011P.M.H. Atwater is the author of more than 15 book, including Future Memory, Beyond the Indigo Children, We Live Forever, and I Died Three Times in 1977- The Complete Story.  She has been researching the near-death phenomenon since 1978, and is a world authority on the subject.  She is a workshop leader at major spiritual/holistic gatherings, and has addressed audiences at the International Association for Near-Death Studies, as well as the United Nations, and in numerous countries.

Visit PMH’s website at: www.pmhatwater.com

Listen to Alexis’ interview with P.M.H back in 2013, discussing Children of the Fifth World

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