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Pandemic! A Higher Journeys SPECIAL REPORT

“All is not as you are led to believe.” – A channeled message about our current “crisis.”

“All is not as your are led to believe.” – This was part of an on-the-spot message about the now officially declared pandemic that has swept the planet, as was channeled by UK based Fay Vale.

This unintended dialogue that ran about 15 minutes has to do with two perspectives on the CV situation – one from a “ground zero” level over in the UK, and one from a metaphysical perspective.

Fay Vale is an individual who “channels” messages from the beings we call non human intelligence or “ET.” She does this via two mediums: drawing or art of the beings she’s dealing with and via the written word (or automatic writing).

I asked Fay (on the spot) to see what she could bring through as far as the implications are concerned as it directly relates to this “pandemic.” What is this REALLY all about?

Fay obliged my request, but she was a bit shaken at what initially came through (as you will hear).

Please listen and FEEL what this message brings through for you.

About Fay Vale and her book ET as Artist…

For 12 years, Fay Vale has been receiving channeled images from a variety of ETs, producing over 2,000 to date. For the first time, a selection of these exquisite images are collected in a book for the public, experiencers, researchers and art lovers to study and enjoy. Some contain messages about their worlds or ours, and offer insight into past, present and future relationships between the beings, animals and the human race.Despite no artistic training or prior inclination, Fay has produced some of the most striking and original art ever to have come through the channeling mechanism.Featuring a foreword by esteemed researcher and therapist Mary Rodwell, this work stands as a valuable document of contact experience, and an exceptional work of art in its own right.

I personally recommend this powerful visual representation of the beings we call ET. Please support Fay and her work by getting ET as Artist HERE.



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