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Precognition and Our Role in Making Our Dreams a Reality

Is Precognition actually what we think it is?

As humans, we are habituated to the idea of linear time: yesterday – today – tomorrow…past – present – future and so on. But as we begin to look at the possibility that time may in fact not be linear at all, but rather simultaneous, including the idea that all events at some level exist as valid realities, then does the idea of precognition (glimpsing an event or scenario before it plays out in our “future”) become invalid?

In this episode of Conscious Commentary, we’ll examine the dynamic that may actually be at play in our so-called precognition or premonitions, particularly within the dream state.

Do we actually have more to do with the play out of the event that we “saw” in the pre-cog state than we think?

The answer may surprise you!

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