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Cynthia Sue Larson – Reality Shifts


In the classic movie, What Dreams May Come, after a tragic car accident, the character Chris, played by Robin Williams, finds himself in a heaven made up of the landscape paintings his artist wife Annie created.

Although not in the afterlife, Salwa a young woman visiting a friend’s home, findsherself instantly transported from the living room to one of several landscape paintings displayed on the wall!

This is what author Cynthia Sue Larson calls a “reality shift,” a phenomenon that can occur at any time when an object or even a person can appear or disappear from our environment.

Alexis spoke with Cynthia about Salwa’s reality shift and about her book by the same name.

You can read the full transcript of “A Portrait of Reality-Salwa’s Story” here.

This episode originally aired as a special “strange encounters series” on Conscious Life News.

More about our guest:

Cynthia Sue Larson is a best-selling author and spiritual life coach who has been featured on numerous TV and radio shows, including the History Channel and BBC. Since 1999, Cynthia has published the popular monthly RealityShifters ezine covering the subject of how consciousness changes the physical world.

Her book Reality Shifts – When Consciousness Changes the Physical World has been praised by some of the leading edge thinkers in the fields of science and consciousness including, Dr. Larry Dossey, Dr. Fred Alan Wolf and Dr. Edgar Mitchell.



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