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Skeptiko Host Alex Tsakiris on the Metaphysics of Evil

New Book “Why Evil Matters” Exposes the Underbelly of Darkness and Light

What is evil? Why is it seemingly so pervasive on our planet right now? Is there a purpose to evil that can help mankind truly extricate the light?

These questions were the basis of a discussion with the host of the popular podcast Skeptiko and author of the new (forthcoming) book: Why Evil Matters, Alex Tsakiris.

We explored the questions…

– Does darkness act as an independent agent or is it a catalyst to help us understand who WE really are?

– Has science largely dismissed the idea of evil as nothing more than a “social construct” vs a force in and of itself?

– What lives beyond the 3D and to what extent does it impose its reality upon us?

– What role do we (humans) play in co-creating ALL reality, including the shadow (or evil) that appears to be foisted upon us?

– Do Near Death Experiences, Out of Body Experiences, After Death Communication, and even contact with ET play a part in this “play” we call “evil?”

In this DEEP DIVE episode we explore all of these questions within the framework of what Alex refers to as extended consciousness realms.

Controversial, but worth the listen for sure!

Alex’s new book “Why Evil Matters” is set to be released in January of 2021.

Alexis was a guest on Alex’ Skeptiko podcast in June of 2019. You can listen to their deep dive discussion HERE!

Visit the website of Skeptiko hosted by Alex Tsakiris

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