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Conscious Commentary – Synchronicity and the Other Side

When repeated synchronicity occurs with our loved ones who have “crossed over,” what does it really say about the existence of heaven?

This question may just have an answer that one would not expect – That heaven (the way we “imagine” it to be) may not exist.

I’m throwing out a couple of teasers in hopes that you will listen in its entirety to this most beautiful episode of Conscious Commentary and toward the end of the show you’ll know exactly where I’m going with this.

But first, a little preface…

Sawsan Galal, a long-time family friend of mine was kind enough to share with us her own synchronicity stories, all having to do with the two loves of her life: her beloved husband and father, both of whom now occupy a space we call “the other side.”

I was simply stunned when Sawsan shared with me her most recent synchronicity which happened early last month while vacationing in Costa Rica – a place that her husband had longed to visit for many years, but never managed to make it. Or did he?

Synchronicity "Sign"
Talk about receiving a “Sign” from her loved one in spirit!

Have a peak at this picture she took while in Costa Rica, then listen to the episode and you’ll know exactly why I chose to post it here!

Although all of her stories are amazing to hear, the one that really moved me has to do with her father and his fondness for the song Imagine by John Lennon. And this is where we get to the part about the idea that there’s no heaven – as Dannion Brinkley once said, “Heaven is only a shift of focus.”


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