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Terry Lovelace – Alien Abduction and the Aftermath that WON’T Go Away!

ET Contactee Terry Lovelace has a tale to tell – except nothing about this is a tale of fiction!

This is one of THE most powerful and disturbing stories I’ve ever heard! The alien abduction of former assistant attorney general and contactee Terry Lovelace.

Terry is the author of Incident at Devils Den and involves the abduction of he and his friend whom he refers to as “Toby” while on a camping trip in Arkansas.

What follows the abduction is one of the most disturbing and horrific of interrogations (I’m sure) on record.

Listen to his story and then stay tuned for part two of this interview. This is a MUST listen!

Read Incident at Devils Den to get more insight on this most harrowing account! This is a MUST READ!

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Get the full story on Terry Lovelace in this very detailed BIO!

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