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Terry Lovelace – Incident at Devils Den: Connecting the Dots!

Alien Abductee Terry Lovelace continues his journey to recover details about what led up to his abduction at Devils Den
Part Two of our interview with Terry Lovelace

In part one of my interview with retired attorney, former assistant attorney general, and lifelong abductee Terry Lovelace – we discussed his most harrowing journey AFTER his 1977 abduction at Devils Den State Park in Northerwestern Arkansas. The full hour was taken up with his recounting the details of a full on interrogation, and the disturbing aftermath that haunts him to this day.

On today’s show – a part two that I knew we would have to do right away, Terry goes further into the events that preceded his 1977 event, including the discovery in 2012 of a device mysteriously placed in his leg, the visit to his home by an odd Asian woman who he recalled from his childhood, and the warning she gave him that shook him to the core.

We also discuss his time spent with Luis Elizondo of To the Stars Academy, his take on the recent disclosure by the US Navy about the reality of UFOs or UAPs and where he feels we’re all headed on this very twisted and important journey here on Planet Earth.

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