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Victoria GeVoian – The Path to Contact (Contact in the Desert)

Co-founder of Contact in the Desert shares the synchronistic journey that led to creating one of the largest UFO conferences on the planet

When we think of the field of UFOlogy, and the multitude of special events, conferences, and lectures on this now burgeoning field, there’s definitely one event that comes to mind and that’s Contact in the Desert – one of the if not the largest UFO event of its kind.

A three day extravaganza that many of the most diehard followers of UFOlogy are sure to attend. And for good reason, Contact in the Desert features the most prominent voices in the field, dropping the latest research and news on a subject that although has seen it’s fair share of scorn and ridicule in years past, is finally gaining more momentum within the mainstream of society.

Co-founder of Contact in the Desert Victoria GaVoian shares her amazing story – a path that led to the creation of this landmark conference.

Complete with its fair share of twists and turns, Victoria found herself embarking on a life-long journey. Not necessarily knowing where the journey would lead, she knew she was making a b-line to something significant that would not only change her life, but impact the thousands who are witnessing the exponential shift in energy that we are experiencing right now.

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Victoria GeVoian is the Executive Producer of Contact in the Desert (now in its 6th year) and SAM: Ideas Worth Living event, currently in production.  She was the Executive Director of the Institute of Mentalphysics & Joshua Tree Retreat Center for over 11 years.  She is the Author of the book, God As Mother; a Producer, researcher, teacher and mystic of esoteric works.  GeVoian worked as an artist in the film industry for 10 years before opening her bookstores in the L. A. area.  After selling her stores, she continued teaching and lecturing.  She is an established spiritual advisor with over 30 years of experience as a student of mysticism and other religious traditions.

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