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Witness of Another World | Not Your “Ordinary” UFO Account

Many who are curious, even enamored about the idea of UFOs and extraterrestrial life are searching for an answer.

Do they exist? Are we alone? And if not, when will we know the truth?

These questions may elude us because maybe we’re asking the wrong questions. Maybe the real question is, what is this phenomenon and more importantly, what does it have to do with us?

In my talk with filmmaker Alan Stivelman creator of the new documentary Witness of Another World – we get a peak into the deeper implications of contact through the eyes of an experiencer named Juan Perez who at 12 years old had an encounter that would rock his world for decades and maybe even save his life!

Witness of Another World is not your “ordinary” ET contact story! This is an instinctive  look into the human condition, our potential, and how a contact experience, regardless of how disturbing the encounter and its aftermath may be, can open the door to a world of understanding about who we are as individuals, and our path in this life and beyond.

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